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EDC® 7-Day Intensive Seminar Testimonials


From:  Jahara Al Jawaher

7-DIS;L1 - August 2015; 7-DIS;L2 - October 2015


   The Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance is a remarkable place for me because I was searching for something more to really help me dance like, and be one with the style of the great classical Egyptian dancers.

   I have taken many different styles of dance before,like ballet, jazz, Hula, Tahitian.  I have practiced Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Muay Thai, and am a Yoga Master.  I have also taken many belly dance classes before from really great and accomplished dancer/teachers.  I was blessed to meet and study with many well known and famous dancers through my travels.  Yet, I always felt something was missing.  I felt I needed to really “know” the true method and ability to make it all look natural and look correct. But, what really is correct?  

So, I was lead to Sausan by another belly dancer I knew, and I called her and arranged to study with her.  I flew from Hawaii to San Francisco for the one week intensive.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have taken many dance classes before and I was truly hoping and searching for something special.

   My first day with her was very different. She pulled out her white board and said, “Ok. Tell me what moves you know in belly dance”.  I gave her the list of the basic belly dance  movements in general as she wrote them down.  Then started from the beginning of her method. She spoke about her Egyptian Dance Code.  The code she has figured out to be able to teach the true essence of where all the movement starts from in belly dance.  It seemed a little odd to me at first. Here is something so different an approach to this dance, especially because I already have studied dance, and it made me feel a little conflicted at first.  I reminded myself to keep an open mind.  Then after a while, I realized that what she was saying changed my whole perspective on belly dance.  The very basic concept she focuses on is what will make you look authentic in your dancing.

   Then we covered the movements in her course levels, because she refers to the dance steps differently than the other names I am used to calling them.  After the first few hours of the physical part of our lesson, we “rested”.  During our physical rest, Sausan would put on her computer, belly dance clips of the classic Egyptian dancers from movies which she had collected over a period of 10 years.  While watching the clips from old movies, she would then point out the movements and steps that they were doing, which happened to be what we worked on.  After many hours of physical dance study, then study through observing and watching real Egyptian dancers, I really got a deeper understanding of the Egyptian Dance Code and what it means.

I truly appreciate the Code.  It was hard because at first I felt like I was starting all over again from the beginning, but I was o.k with that because I know one must have an open mind to truly learn.

   Thank you very much for figuring out the Egyptian Dance Code Sausan. It really makes the classic style very accessible to us.


From:  Talia Soleil, Dansoleil Belly Dance at Red Door Dance Studio
7-DIS;L1 - September 2012

    Your workshop really was well-thought out, full of great information, and an eye-opener.  I appreciate all your scholarship, and completely respect how you have put your program together.  Also appreciated and enjoyed were the wonderful and thoughtful meals.  That's such a nice touch.  How fun to sit and watch movies while enjoying such delectable treats.  Thank you for also being adaptable, and kind, fun and full of great trivia.


7-DIS;L1 - January 2006

    Her teaching of this who look is methodical and even mathematical at times which may sound incongruous, but shows that her analysis of the Egyptian dance is consistent and very well thought out.  The mathematical aspect of her class gives the learner a formula to rely on when in doubt.


Maggie "Maia" Evart
7-DIS;L1 - January 2006

    I've taken workshops with MANY MANY highly-regarded dance instructors, and had some wonderful breakthroughs in my dance, but no other seminar has EVER put the dance into either historical or cultural perspective so completely, given me such wonderful tools for expressing the music or helped my brain to become more flexible (along with my body and my movement vocabulary)....


From:  Kasmira

7-DIS;L1 - January 2006

    You have all created a truly unique experience in presenting the Egyptian culture through dining and dancing.  I KNOW that the complete cultural immersion experience that you provide reinforced everything you were saying about the dance, and so freed me to absorb and accept every word, every shimmy, every undulation and every pickle with the love which which it was offered.


2005-08-16 -
The Gilded Serpent
From:  Melinda
7-DIS;L1 - January 2005

    One of the first things one is likely to notice is that Sausan has done her research!


Qtr 2/05 -
The Belly Dancer Magazine
From:  Erna Woo
7-DIS;L1 - January 2005

    For those of you who would like to have an authentic Egyptian dance experience without going to Egypt, Sausan's Intensive Seminar is a must.