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Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant

Egyptian belly dance classes
Egyptian belly dance classes

Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant is my little restaurant out in the Richmond District of San Francisco.  It opened on December 17, 1999 to rave reviews. 


Al-Masri (The Egyptian) is a collage of Egypt’s seven thousand years of history and tradition.  Dishes as ancient as the pyramids to the more modern interpretations created for His Majesty King Farouq I, the last monarch of Egypt, can be found on the menu


On every Sunday, Al-Masri puts away the regular menu and features an All-You-Can-Enjoy Dinner Buffet with a several of the restaurant's signature dishes and a myriad of dancers for only $25.


The ambiance takes its inspiration from the royal tomb of King Tut.  Hand-painted images of ancient Egyptian artwork grace the dancer’s stage and the main dining room, and continue throughout the second floor where the bathrooms are located.  Our selection of wine and beer is expanding to enhance your experience with the cuisine.Al Masri also showcases "Raqs Baladi" performances (coined in the West as "Belly Dance"). 

At Al Masri, we take our dance as seriously as our cuisine.  With this philosophy, we have introduced a new approach in respect and appreciation for authentic Raqs Baladi. With great pride, our dancers have earned the respect of San Francisco's academic crowd, performing at events from the opening of the deYoung Museum to the Legion of Honor's "Eternal Egypt" exhibit. 


In 2006, with Al-Masri as its foundation, I produced "Dancing on the Nile" to celebrate the opening of the new building of the deYoung Museum in the Golden Gate Park. It was preformed mainly by the Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance graduates.  The sold-out production received rave reviews from the Consul General of Egypt.  In 2009, the graduates of the Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance took center stage both in the Grand Opening and Grand Finale of the King Tut Exhibit in 2010.Al Masri is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. 


All of our dancers are graduates of the Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance, and perform exclusively at Al Masri.  With a 49 guest capacity, we are seasoned at delivering unforgettable experiences to parties small and large.  We can cater and/or provide dance entertainment for any special occasion small and large. 


Call Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant at 415-876-2300 or email Chef Sausan to discuss your next party's

catering/performance requirements. Al-Masri is also home to the best Egyptian desserts personally

hand made by Chef Sausan.  For more information, go to Bitchin' Baklava website.



Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant

4031 Balboa Street

(41st Avenue and Balboa Street; Outer Richmond District)

San Francisco, CA  94121-2516

415-876-2300  •


Egyptian belly dance classes
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