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EDC® Intro Informational Videos

Each video below gives information about Sausan and the Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance One-Year Study Program














1.  Sausan's Mini Bio and Egyptian Dance Code® (EDC®) Discovery














2.  SAED and the EDC® DIFFERENCE in Classes













3.  SAED EDC® Individual Courses Study Descriptions













4.  SAED EDC® Identifying, Describing, and Demonstrating the EDC®

Instruction on EDC®

Basic Info


Each course must be attended and completed before going on to the next course beginning with the Orientation Class.  See Teaching Philosophy


Contact:  SAUSAN at or 415-867-6754; FAX 415-668-5229


Instructor:  Sausan

Location:  4031 Balboa Street, San Francisco, CA 94121

Length of Class:  1 1/2 hours (On-Going Classes)

Materials:  At a nominal charge and as provided


Apparel:  Leggings/leotards, noiseless hip scarf, loose shirt, and slippers or bare feet are required.



- Cash

- Personal Check or Money Order Made Payable to Sausan Molthen

- Credit Card or online payment through PayPal at



Short on cash?  We can work it out.  Just let me know at anytime during your study.  Coupons, vouchers, or other promotions are not valid with this Working Scholarship offer.  See Working Scholarships


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Study On-line


Learn to Play Finger Cymbals


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