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From Susan Hillary

Graceful Arms Workshop Saturday January 31, 2015

     This was the MOST fun and mind-expanding bellydance workshop!  Held in the beautiful and exotic Al-Masri restaurant, it focused on the authentic Egyptian dance code, involving the musical beats and basics of movement, beginning with posture and walking and ending with complex shoulder, arm and wrist movements.  Although the class was fast-paced and challenging, Sausan is a methodical and supportive teacher. She breaks down movements so dancers at all levels are able to benefit.  The workshop ended with a video and discussion of Suhair Zeki and other old-style performances.  I plan to attend more upcoming workshops. 



From Linda Grondahl

Must-Know Music Dance Series (Bahlam Beek) Workshop on November 1, 2014

     And it was a great workshop, looking forward to more! If you are not familiar with these songs don't miss the workshops, and if you are familiar with these you will add another layer to your knowledge.



From Marilyn Sanford

Must-Know Music Dance Series (Ana Fe Intezarak) Workshop on October 25, 2014

     Sausan, wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed class that you taught today! Very inspiring!

I definitely will be back for another one! xoxo 



From Alia Thabit 

Las Vegas Belly Dance Intensive Workshop on September 6, 2014

     Sausan, your class was OUTSTANDING. So much exceptionally accessible information, and

presented in such an organized, clear format. You mapped out clearly so many things I have

known intuitively, but never stopped to codify--how well named your system is. THANK YOU.

(See LVBDI survey results.)



From Taniko aka Basinah and Jiniko 

FREE 2-Hour Egyptian Dance Code® (EDC®) Workshop on May 3, 2014

    I, WE loved your class Sausan.  It was very informative and...FUN!  You really let us

know what we were seeing on videos but didn't have the understanding behind what

we were seeing. Now, when we watch...we will understand more. 

    We can't wait come to the class again for a refresher and hopefully more new material.

    Thank you so much for your generosity and knowledge,


Taniko aka Basinah and Jiniko



From Bilqees Atiya; SAED Graduate

    I want to take a moment to thank you personally for your teachings and lessons

in Egyptian Belly Dance. I want to give you full credit where credit is due.  So many

times I have had ppl who are from the middle east ask me if I was Egyptian after I

danced and of course the answer is no. What they notice is however, an ancient style

that comes from their homeland that they instantly recognize again thanks to you!  

Let me say this to you when I dance for anyone from the middle east they are very

delighted.  Thank you for your (old school) black and white videos.  Thank you for toe checking

spot checking and back checking yes lower back checking which I'm still working on constantly.  

(Your traditional style belly dance) and the way you teach it has helped me grow in the art Ive

added my own touches here and there but the foundation never changes.  With out the

foundation I couldn't take it to the next level.  Thank you for being my teacher and thank you

for being so passionately devoted to the art.


Yours truly your student
Billers Atiya,
What's on my graduation certificate.



From Latifa 

FREE 2-Hour Egyptian Dance Code® (EDC®) Workshop on May 3, 2014

The Egyptian Code—A Testimonial

     I made my way over to El Masri Restaurant in San Francisco on Saturday, May 10th to learn about and explore The Egyptian Code. I had heard the term used by Sausan Molthen, who is a well known dance instructor and the owner of El Masri Restaurant .

     Intuitively, I knew it was an organizational tool either for the interpretation of music or an analysis of movement.

     After our free 2 hour class, I believe The Egyptian Code is probably useful for both. Sausan explained that she developed the concept of an Egyptian Code using the medium of Egyptian film.

     She began observing the way Egyptians use body language for life experiences such as pain, surprise, grief, and even dance.

     After a time she began to see a consistent contrast between Egyptian body language and and the body language of Westerners and how Western dancers and Egyptian dancers interpretation of music is often radically different .

     She began incorporating this knowledge into her own dance and instruction with her students.

     The Egyptian Code is a huge concept overwhelming how we in the West use and rely upon choreography, actually rendering it less useful and necessary. After only two hours of introduction to the concepts I am not there yet.

     However, upon working on some material I’m developing for a show, I found myself analyzing what I was doing differently than I had before and beginning to integrate some of the concepts. I have been teaching and performing for many years.

     I am finding it exciting to begin adding another dimension to my dance. It looks great and it feels good.



From Oreet Jehassi Schwartz 

FREE 2-Hour Egyptian Dance Code® (EDC®) Workshop on May 3, 2014


     One word. YES!

I finally understand how Egyptian dancers are moving. I now know culturally the reason why they move, count and hear muisic in a specific way. Her EDC (Egyptian Dance Code) is so specific and is broken down in such a way that anyone can learn it and do it.

     A little about Sausan…She has tremendous knowledge, positive energy and drive. Her level of expertise in the art of bellydance is exceptional. In an industry of many mediocre instructors, Sausan is a true professional and brings a great love of teaching. What I was so impressed with was that she encourage us to keep our style and continue evolving. BUT if you add 3 distict principles of the EDC it will change the aesthetic and give you an entire new perspective on how you look at Egyptian dance and hear the music. Now what are the principles you may ask?? You will just have to take Sausan's workshop to find out!

     She's a gem. 



From Kathleen Hennessy
Mini EDC® Study; Primary Workshop on Feb 16, 2013 & follow-up private class to review the material

    I have read Sausan's articles for several years, been interested in her ideas, and was pleased to have this chance to take a one day overview of the Primary Course. It was a pleasure to take such a well organized & structured workshop. Sausan knows her material well & presents it in a logical and accessible way. She is patient & takes time to ensure that you understand the concept before moving on. The video examples of Egyptian dancers were very helpful in "seeing" andunderstanding her concepts on Egyptian dance.

    Sausan is passionate about her subject and shows her enthusiasm in her teaching. She is a warm and engaging person who is easy to talk to and made the workshop relaxing & fun. I am delighted that she is offering these one day overviews as I live too far to take the weekly classes. I highly recommend these as a way to expand your understanding of Egyptian dance.


From Louise L. Birk - Zayeena
Retired Vision Specialist/Educational Consultant for the Visually Impaired
Fourth Semester - Applied Basic Principal Course

    I have never enjoyed dance classes so much and gotten so much out of them as those at the Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance.  Because of Sausan, my dancing has climbed to a whole new level.  I feel quite certain that this teaching

is her calling.
    Classes are taught with great care support, patience, and the preparation of a master.  In addition, Sausan encourages individuality within the designated Egyptian dance parameters.  She also has the finesse to facilitate a deep understanding of content and working with energy.  Most of all, I especially appreciate the exquisiteness in the dept of her knowledge of Egyptian Dance and music.




From Joann N. - Jumanna; SAED Graduate

     I have experienced classes elsewhere and I have to say that Sausan is an exemplary teacher, mentor and creator. She teaches in a way that allows you to understand the movements,music and history and your dance is authentic. She is a positive,patient and lovely woman who has passion for the dance and sharing her knowledge with others. What a gift to learn from a master!!!!I I am 56, so ladies age does not exist with Sausan.


Downloaded from the former
Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance website


    As an Egyptian and a scholar, I truly believe that Sausan is the most knowledgeable Raqs Sharki (belly-dance) teacher in the world at this time. Her grasp of the psychology, culture, and history of the dance is unsurpassed. I think that 99% of those who claim to be teachers should refund the money to their students and take her class. Sausan is single-handedly setting the course to preserve the authenticity of the oldest dance in the world.


-Hatem El-Sayed, Ph.D.


     Thank YOU for sponsoring such a wonderful choreography workshop last Sunday (April 24, 2005). I am a new student to belly dance and have studied with many wonderful teachers in Sbay. I think you are the only teacher of pure Egyptian style belly dance. Your knowledge of Egyptian dance, language and culture makes attending your classes fun and informative. I look forward to attending your future workshops and learning to dance like an Egyptian.

-Ms. Lavonne
South Bay Area



     I had always been attracted to the beautiful dance known as “belly dance” for as long as I can remember. Last summer, I got the courage to take my first class. Although I knew very little about belly dance, I knew that what I was learning didn’t “feel” right. It became even more apparent when I refused my Egyptian friend’s request to show her one of my moves from class, due to embarrassment. So for the next six months I jumped from teacher to teacher in search of a sense of authenticity. After an extensive web search, I stumbled upon Sausan’s contact information on another dancer’s website. I contacted her immediately and after a brief conversation, I knew Sausan was who I had been searching for. She told me that I would learn the techniques for dancing and performing like an Egyptian dancer and she has kept her promise! I have been taking weekly classes with Sausan for the last five months and since the first day I have felt like I am truly dancing, rather than executing so-called “belly dance” moves that only look good in class. Now I feel completely comfortable dancing in front of my Arabic friends. Sausan has broken this dance down as if it were a science to the most basic foundation, unlocking the secrets to that little something extra that only Egyptian dancers seem to have. She has the skills to convey what she is teaching to her students in a caring, non-judgmental, and articulate manner. I am so happy I found Sausan, and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning authentic belly dance!


-Shaunte Jackson, RN Student


     Dear Sausan, Your class is wonderful and is like no other dance class I've ever taken. Though I've had some experience with belly-dance before, it's the first time I've ever heard a coherent explanation of the structure of Classical Arabic music, which gives me a much deeper understanding of the dance itself and the ways to continually perfect it. Your generosity and willingness to give your students the best is without comparison. I stopped taking belly-dancing classes a couple of years ago because I've learned all the "moves", and asked myself "now what?" May i say this... I've become bored! I knew there had to be more to the dance than what I've already absorbed, but i did not know what, and nobody taught it... Through you i understood that it was self-expression, integrating the movements with emotions and with the music -- the most challenging part of the dance!!

     Now it does not feel like I'm "learning the moves" -- i feel like raqs sharki is "becoming" me, penetrating inside me through my very skin, the exquisite atmosphere of your class, through communication with you and other beautiful women in our class.

     I cannot express how happy I am to have found you.
     With my deepest gratitude,





Dear Sausan,


     I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Although I have been studying raks sharqi with other instructors for several years, in the few short weeks I’ve been taking lessons from you, I feel like I’ve made a quantum leap in my understanding of the dance.


     Your knowledge of the Egyptian Dance Code is unique in the United States. You have truly found the key to unlock the grace, beauty, and nephis of classical Egyptian belly dance and I am privileged to be your student. Your ability to break down Egyptian movements scientifically is truly incredible. You have a special way of explaining the dance in the context of the Arab culture in a way that makes it easy for an American woman to understand. I also especially enjoy the portion of each lesson when you illustrate the concepts by showing a short video of an Egyptian dancer performing the same movements we’ve just learned!


     I recommend to anyone who is curious about this beautiful art form to contact you and begin learning about the dance. I would also like to encourage more experienced dancers who have a genuine desire to realize their full potential to seek you out right away. They don’t know what they’re missing. I really can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve given me. Sausan, you are the best kept secret in Egyptian dance instruction this side of the Nile!


     With deepest appreciation; your Devoted Student,





     I had been dancing for 8 years before I came to Sausan. For about 2 years, I felt I was missing something in my dance but I didnt know what. I went from teacher to teacher trying to figure out what it was. My friend told me that she started taking classes from Sausan Academy and that I should look into it. At that time I had just started with another teacher and had bought the class card, so I told her I will look into it. I cannot tell you how much my dancing has changed. It has changed 180 degrees! I have videos of my performances from before and after Sausan. Wow! what a difference. She not only teaches you technique, she teaches you how to express yourself to interpret the music you are dancing to. You wont find any other teacher who really wants you to succeed and be the best!





Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance
(415) 262-0175 (voice mail)


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