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2011-06-28 - (5 Stars)
Absolutely the best teacher of Egyptian dance
Helpful, Engaging, Encouraging, Smart, Fun, Good communicator

    Sausan can take a a novice or experienced dancer and lead them to excellence as a classic Egyptian dancer.  She encourages personal expression and the development of a unique style within the style of Egyptian dance/raqs sharqi  that she teaches.  She is encouraging, smart, observant, articulate, and helpful.  I wish I had started studying with her earlier!


2011-06-27 - (5 Stars)

You Will Dance Like an Egyptian Belly Dancer
Helpful, Engaging, Encouraging, Smart, Patient, Fun, Good communicator

    I have been attracted to this beautiful dance for a very long time and have been

learning off and on for about 5 years. I felt I was missing something in my dance but

I did not know what. Sausan truly found the key to unlock the grace, beauty, and the

something “”special”” called the Nephis of Classical Egyptian belly dance.  She has the

ability to breakdown Egyptian movement scientifically, explaining it in the context of

the Arab culture in a way that makes sense. In her class you feel like and look like you

are truly dancing rather than just executing moves. She gives an explanation of the

music as it applies to the dance technique which is so valuable allowing you the

freedom to feel confident to dance without relying on structured taught choreography.

I am so happy I found Sausan and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in

learning authentic belly dancing and knowing You Will Dance Like and Egyptian Belly Dancer.


2011-06-26 - (5 Stars)

Such a great time learning with Sausan

    I really love going to Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance. It’s a

place where you can dance, learn and have wonderful time with

other women. This classes are so valuable to me not just that I am

becoming a dancer the whole atmosphere Sausan and each oneof us brings to the dance.  It’s like

reconnecting to your feminine powers through dance, music and movement. Sausan is a very unique,

talented, skillful teacher and a great woman. It has been a whole wonderful year of learning

experience I am  looking forward for another great year of dancing,learning music, connecting and having fun.


2011-06-23 - (5 Stars)

Won’t be Disappointed!
Helpful, Engaging, Encouraging, Smart, Patient, Funny, Fun, Good communicator

    I was looking to learn the dance in a way that was succinct and easy to follow.  I had gone to other classes

where they taught the moves disjointedly and I couldn’t manage to make sense of it all in a way that translated

into looking like a true dancer.
    I came upon the Sausan Academy while researching new classes and immediately fell in love with her method

as it was described on the website.  What was most impressive was seeing the curriculum laid out and the

progression that would take place from class to class was clear.  This was exactly what I had been looking for. 

Instead of learning belly dance in bits and pieces (Y, B, C, H, S, ...), I was able to learn it from beginning to

end (A, B, C, D, E...).
    I’ve been studying at the Academy for over a year now and I must say it was the best decision I have ever made. 

It would have taken me years to get to the level of skill I’m at now had it not been for Sausan.
    Sausan is a great teacher who really wants to help her students become the best dancers they can be.  She’s

very patient and kind hearted and makes you feel comfortable from day one.  I truly look forward to class each

week and am so happy to have found Sausan and the Academy.    --Risa


2010-08-11 - (5 Stars)

The Best Belly Dance Teacher Ever!
Helpful, Engaging, Encouraging, Smart, Patient, Funny, Fun, Good communicator

    Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance is a wonderful work out,

not to mention Sausan does wonders for a woman’s self esteem. I highly recommend Sausan as a teacher to anyone interested in learning how to belly dance. The group class is high energy, yet still attentive to each person’s pace. I continue to take classes from Sausan, both in a group and occasional private lessons (WONDERFUL one on one session). The class environment is set in an outdoor courtyard, in Cairo, Egypt. So beautiful! My teacher, Sausan, has helped me hit my target weight goal & remain there for years. This is the only work out I do & it’s worth every penny! Walk like an Egyptian, after being taught by Sausan.


2010-04-28 - (5 Stars)

Bellydance in S.F - dance as if you learned in Egypt
Helpful, Engaging, Encouraging, Smart, Patient, Funny, Fun, Good communicator

    I started taking classes in 2007, I always had an interest in Bellydancing.  I decided to finally dive in before turning 30.  My goal was to dance in public before my 30th, I did it too, I acutally was able to dance for the 2nd time on my 29th birthday!   Sausan is so knowledgable when it comes to Egyptian bellydancing its amazing.  She teaches all about the culture, the music, dance and history.  I knew from the moment I came to class that I was in the right place.. Aside from feeling completely overwhelmed from everything that was to come I was more excited than ever!  I suggest that you check out sausan academy of egyptian dances website and look her up on youtube to watch how beautifully she is able to translate the music with her dancing, and if you are fortunate enough, come to the restaurant and see her beautiful dancers live!   My only regret is not having come sooner.. But I am so happy I came and I love and appreciate the dance more and more each day.


2010-04-28 - (5 Stars)

Amazing teacher
Helpful, Engaging, Encouraging, Smart, Patient, Funny, Fun, Good communicator

    Sausan is an amazing teacher! She can teach pretty much anyone to dance - and dance well. When I first showed up, I had no idea what I would be learning and no formal dance training (except some ballroom dance). After 3 years with Sausan, I have learned so much about the dance and the culture that when I perform some of the audience assumes that I’m Egyptian - and this is sometimes from Egyptians.
    I’ll absolutely agree with an expression I heard about Sausan and her teaching method - she can teach the devil to dance. Seriously - you go in knowing nothing and come out dancing like you grew up in the middle east.  She works you hard, but it’s totally worth it.    --Fayruz


2009-04-07 - (5 Stars)

Incredibly educational and fun experience!

    I love Sausan Academy and have taken many lessons with Sausan over the years. They are always informative and inspiring. The cane workshop, taught by Sausan’s partner, Max, was no exception.
    We learned the basics of twirling and maneuvering the canes and incorporated the moves into our dance vocabulary. At the end of class, Max explained many of the customs endemic to the many regions of his homeland, Egypt. He also displayed his personal collection of regional costumes; some of which held great sentimental value for him - so it was very special to have the opportunity to see them.
    All in all, a fascinating and inspirational workshop!


2008-11-20 - (5 Stars)

A Solid, Real Foundation in Egyptian Dance!

    I was looking for a school of dance in San Francisco where I could get a cohesive and rich understanding of Egyptian Belly Dance.  My friend, who’d been Belly Dancing for 12 years, suggested we try the Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance together.  We were so excited to sign up and I’m so glad we did!
    Even though I’d studied Belly Dance with several teachers in the Bay area, it wasn’t until I started studying with Sausan that my understanding of the dance started to manifest and shine through my performances.
    I loved Sausan’s format because it was so organized and thorough.  It took me through the art of the moves step-by-step.  Then, each class was augmented by showing videos of Belly Dance greats and I really learned from seeing their different styles and the choices they made.  It brought my dancing to a whole, beautiful new level.
    The greatest compliment I received following were rave reviews from an Arab wedding party I was dancing for who excitedly proclaimed, “”You dance like Nagwa Fouad!  I’ve never seen an American dancer dance like this before!  I laughed to myself because I hadn’t either until I studied with Sausan who’d exposed me to Nagwa Fouad and her beautiful moves.
    I was touched by Sausan’s response when I told her.  She was  pleased that I was happy but encouraged me that I had my own unique style and presence that she believed was really what impressed them.
    I would encourage anyone who wants a deep, meaningful and nurturing experience of learning belly dance to absolutely study with Sausan and to participate in all she has to offer! 
    Thanks, Sausan!


2009-03-31 - (4 Stars)

Cane Workshop

    I attended the cane workshop at Sausan Academy and it was great.  I had never used a cane in belly dancing and was nervous about how much I could learn.  Max was a great teacher and he made it fun. Anyone interested in attending a workshop on how to incorporate a cane into your belly dance routine should take this class.


2008-11-20 - (4 Stars)

A very experienced instructor

    Sausan is a very experienced instructor who will teach you the true Egyptian Dance.  She is able to break the the complex steps of dancing into manageable pieces.  The classes are really fun and informative, and they will teach you a whole new way of looking at life!


2008-11-21 - (5 Stars)

Learn to Dance Like an Egyptian

    I have had many belly dance teachers over the years, and Sausan is the best!  She is so friendly and fun and has endless patience.  What makes her stand out above the rest is that she has done her homework and truly understands/teaches belly dance within its cultural context.  If you want to have fun and you want to look like a beautiful dancer from Egypt, then I highly recommend Sausan’s classes!   -- Anastasia


2008-11-20 - (5 Stars)

A Dance Natural and feminine for my Body

    The first time that I took Sausan’s workshop, I felt like this was home.   I have taken other dance classes and they were very difficult.  The dance movements she taught were very natural to my body.  It flowed and seemed so authentic and made for the feminine body.  After taking one  of her workshops, I committed to taking her year long course.  Sausan’s personal style of compassion and patience, created a safe and comfortable atmosphere for me as I continue to learn this dance.  Spending time with her watching the”greats” dance is even more educational and inspiring.  She is always assuring me that I too can become a good dancer in this style.
    I might add that after doing this dance, I had dreams of dancing this way in ancient Egypt and feel this is how it was done in the temples.  Why do I dance? I dance because I love it.  WHy do I dance with Sausan?  I dance with Sausan because she is one of the best!


2008-11-24 - (5 Stars)

teaches to dance like a genie out of a bottle.....

    I have been a student of Sausan’s Egyptian bellydance for a few years now...though her program is a very thorough one year program, I have continued on for further study.   And what I feel Sausan offers in this study of bellydance is a very well thought, complete study of the dance.   She has trained her eye and seems to know every move that can be utilized within this dance and then knows how to place these movements to classical egyptian music in a very well thought, visually stimulating way.   She has developed a method, that once disected, really is alarmingly simple and accurate.... yet, complicated and urges one to learn some control and develop particular movement so that is can return to simplicity of energy flow and display the music in a most distinct way, only a bellydancer can capture....    I have seen many bellydancer students of Sausan within these years - and they all seem to immerge from her instruction with this magic within their dance -  the ability to flow,  and to disect the music within the bodies with no limit....and really learn to display it with the highest caliper.
    I highly recommend Sausan to any serious student of dance.   Not only is her program dynamic, but her as a person is wonderful too....    --Karen White


2008-11-24 - (5 Stars)
Sausan will have you dancing like a goddess!

    When I came to the Bay Area for the first time, I researched the available bellydancing teachers on the internet.  I was impressed with Sausan’s curriculum and ability to break down such complicated moves into simple structured steps.  I love her ability to preserve the authentic Egyptian food, dance, culture.  It has been foundational to my appreciation of the mindset one needs to portray the dance with true passion, elegance, and soulful beauty.  I look forward going to my bellydancing classes each week and my husband has noticed the great results!  I highly recommend Sausan’s classes if you truly want to enjoy the fun exercise of bellydancing and also, come out with a growing skill that is contagiously beautiful for others to watch!       --Mary J,


2008-12-16 - (5 Stars)

love the class!
    i never thought i could dance like that, but in 3 months at the sausan academy, i was moving like a belly dancer! it’s not just a dance, it’s a way of life, and i’m starting to get the hang of it.        


2008-12-16 - (5 Stars)

The True Egyptian Spirit

     I was very honored to be in the very first Egyptian Dance Code Workshop that Suasan presented a couple of years ago. As time goes by i have come to appreciate even more, what her years of experience, her skills and her dedication to the dance, are contributing to the dance community.
     Coming from a culture ( Hawaiian) that values it’s knowledge and teachers, what impressed me the most is that she has the support and acknowledgement of the Egyptian people. This i find is very important in choosing a teacher in this venue. The authority that comes from this is very powerful and serves to further the art form for the culture. It is one of the highest compliments that can be bestowed upon a teacher.
     For those of you who want to emerce yourself in this real dance form, a workshop with Sausan is a must. It will awaken your senses, stir your passions and alighn yourself to a very important lineage.
     Sausan is a ”JEWEL OF THE NILE".


2008-12-16 - (5 Stars)

SAED is a great place to learn and to be shaped

    I highly recommend Sausan as a teacher.
    SAED is good for everyone - no matter what your age or body weight is or how experienced you are in dancing.
    Sausan teaches according to the curriculum she has developed on her own.
    And I feel that it is a unique and very well established system.
    Little by little, step by step, she teaches how to manage your body.
    In each class you’ll learn something new PLUS how it is related to what you learned previously PLUS how to put everything you already know to music.  From the very first class you’ll be learning DANCING.
    In a year you will be able to give 10-12 minutes show for a big audience.
    You can learn the differences between modern dancing and what was 50-60-70 years ago.
    You will get familiar with the classic Arabic music and composers.


2008-12-16 - (4 Stars)

Sausan academy of Egyptian Dance

    Sausan teaches in a way that will open your heart to the music and dance of Egypt.
    The chest lifts and locks worked wonders for me to further understand the music and timing of my body in relationship to the song I was dancing to.


2008-12-16 - (5 Stars)
The best way to learn bellydance...
    Through Sausan’s training, I’ve learned about the nuances seen in the Egyptian style of belly dance. Before this, I had no idea that what is mostly seen in modern day performance is cabaret style. She is truly a dedicated teacher and lives her passion. Her school is unique in that she covers the fundamentals,including understanding Middle Eastern music and culture.  I’ve seen her perform and she certainly stands out with her authentic but unique style of Egyptian dance.        --allisanndria,


2008-12-19 - (5 Stars)

Great Classical Egyptian dance teacher!

    If you want to learn the real classical Egyptian dance, Sausan is right for you. She is very detail oriented in regards to the movements and she does not hesitate to answer any questions you might have. Sausan is also extensively knowledgeable about the Egyptian dance and culture, which adds great value to your learning. Her classes include watching videos of classical Egyptian dancers and explaining the movements they perform.
    Another great thing is that she owns an Egyptian restaurant, Al-Masri, and you have the opportunity to perform a solo at the end of your certification. You may even perform after your recital as many times as you wish. If you’re shy, don’t worry, Sausan won’t force you to dance! She is very flexible, and lets you decide when you’re ready to perform!
    One more great deal about Sausan is that her classes’ tuitions are affordable compared to the ones out there. Classes are semi-private (usually not more than 5 people), so you receive all the attention you need. At the end of your certification, you learn a whole choreography for yourself and you are not required to pay anything extra. Out there, you would learn a group choreography and you would probably have to pay for an extra workshop outside from your classes.


2008-12-31 - (4 Stars)
Authentic Egyptian Dance

    Sausan has conducted extensive research on Egyptian dance, and has clearly spent time processing it, breaking it down, and considering how to teach it. Her classes are structured, organized, and accompanied by supporting materials in the form of practice clips of music and film. You will learn to hear the music like an Egyptian, then how to drop your old Western habits and move with the music in an authentic way. You will watch inspiring film clips of classic and modern dancers in which you can analyze the move you just learned and see it in action. The classes are structured into four sequential levels, after which time you can continue with ongoing, choreography-based classes or free-flowing practice classes. Whether you are looking to add to your dance repertoire or adopt an exclusively Egyptian style, if you are looking for an authentic Egyptian dance experience, this is a great set of classes to take.


2008-12-16 - (5 Stars)

The Joy of Dancing with Sausan
Sausan’s approach to classic Egyptian dance fundamentals and movements will sweep you away!  Other reviews have praised her methods and clarity of instruction accurately, and I can only add that she brings a zest and joy to dancing that is utterly contagious.  She also brings the Egyptian dance of cinema, dance culture and dance history to life.  --Naiya


2009-02-28 - (5 Stars)

Such a Great Class!!

    Sausan’s class is a great expirience. She makes it so easy to learn.  I dropped in on a Tuesday class with a good friend, it was my first egyptian dance class and it was so amazing. It helps your nerves and relaxes you. I will also be joining in april..That’s how much i enjoyed Sausan’s class. I encorage anyone who’s interested to take her class..
    it’s a great oppertunity to try a little bit of someone else’s culture..It’s also great exercise and something fun to do.        --amber andrade


2008-12-16 - (4 Stars)

Great Class

    Her class is one of the best classes I’ve taken for Egyptian dance, She’s passionate.
    Kimmy B. “The Prosperity Blogger” http://www.prosperityblogger.wordpress.com


2009-02-27 - (5 Stars)
These Classes Are Transformational!

    Brilliant! Inspiring! Affirming! Each class is an amazing celebration of pure grace and beauty!
    Your self-esteem soars as Sausan skillfully imparts ancient wisdom and dance arts in the warmly welcoming atmosphere of magnificent cultural heritage at Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance. 
    Empowering, encouraging, and building confidence and stamina, Sausan’s illustrious classes truly have been life-changing for all the women in my family!  My entire family has been beautifully, joyously enriched by Sausan’s classes -- as have many of our friends, too.
    This is not just a recommendation or a review -- it’s a grateful testimonial to the world-renowned lifework of  SAUSAN, San Francisco’s most eminent, distinguished, and esteemed professor of Middle Eastern dance.


2009-02-11 - (5 Stars)

A great experience all around!

    I have been taking classes with Sausan for 1 year now, and I absolutley love it!  I had never taken any type of dance class before, but Sausan is a great teacher who explains everything.  I look forward to going to class every week, it is so much fun and a great way to relieve stress and tention in your neck and upper back.  You learn so much about the music dance and culture.  The restaurant is beautiful and the food is great!  I encourage anyone who is interested to take at least one class and learn about Egyptian bellydance with Sausan, it is an experience that will keep you wanting more!    --SF Wildflower


2009-04-07 - (5 Stars)

A Great Dancer and a Great Teacher

    I am a professional dancer who has performed at various restaurants and private events. I have been taking private and group lessons and workshops from Sausan on and off for five years. I have taken classes with several other bellydance instructors, and can honestly say that Sausan is unique in both her understanding of the Egyptian Dance Code and her ability to impart it to Western dancers. She has developed a system that breaks down the Egyptian style to its fundamentals so a beginner can understand them and grasp the basics within one year of study. More advanced dancers will appreciate her intricate classical Egyptian choreographies which students are free to use in their solo performances. In closing, I highly recommend Sausan and her Academy to any dancer based in or planning a trip to the San Francisco Bay Area.