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 - Artistic DirectorSausan Ensemble

       Egyptian Dance Company

 - Over 40 years of experience and study
 - Owner/Executive Chef,

       Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant

 - Owner/Baker/Creator,

       Bitchin' Baklava

 - Principal Register of the

       Egyptian Dance Code®

 - Cooking Teacher,

      Chef Sausan School of Cooking

Egyptian belly dance classes

Sausan is the Master Dance Teacher of the Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance (SAED) since 2004, and Artistic Director and Choreographer of the Sausan Ensemble Egyptian Dance Company (SEEDC) since 2009.  She is also the Owner and Chef of Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant since 1999.  Both companies/businesses are affiliated and both are located and operate at 4031 Balboa Street in San Francisco, California.


A belly dancer since 1972 with prior study in Flamenco, Sevillanas, Thai Classical Dance, English Highland, and Scottish Dance (including Scottish Sword Dance), Sausan has focused her dance studies on the dance of Egypt (Raqs Sharqi), its culture, cuisine, arts, and history.  As a result, since 1999, she has worked closely with the following notable institutions participating, producing, choreographing, and/or directing many of its events. 


  • Fine Arts Museums, San Francisco, CA (including deYoung and Palace of Fine Arts)

  • Golden Gate Parks and Recreation Music Concourse (Bandshell)

  • Ethnic Dance Festival, San Francisco, CA

  • Natural World Museum, Presidio, San Francisco, CA

  • International House, U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

  • Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology, U. C. Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

  • Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

  • Egyptian Consulate, San Francisco, CA


She is a member of the following associations:


  • MECDA (Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association), San Francisco, CA

  • LAA (Lebanese American Association), San Francisco, CA

  • EAS (Egyptian American Society), San Francisco, CA

  • EDF (Ethnic Dance Festival) Leadership Committee, San Francisco, CA

  • UNA (United Nationa Association), San Francisco, CA

  • American Legion, San Francisco

A veteran of the United States Navy Reserves of 22 years, Sausan has danced all over the world on and off overseas military bases , including the following:


  • National:  Alaska, Aleutian Islands, California, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, New York, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin

  • International:  Antarctica, Austria, Crete, Germany, Guam, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Sicily, Spain, Switzerland, Tahiti, Thailand

  • Cruise Liners:  Achille Lauro 1977; Holland America 1982; Princess Cruise Lines 1983


She has been awarded Letters of Appreciation for her goodwill professional belly dance entertainment to the deployed troops of he United States armed forces.

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