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SAED Course Materials

Congratulations upon becoming a student of the Sausan Academy of Egyptia Dance.

Click on the document thumbnail to see and download the document


Curriculum for the Primary Course

Upper Body technique and feminine expression


Curriculum for the Secondary Course

Lower Body technique

and masculine expression


Curriculum for the Tertiary Course

Study of 


music and its entities

Finger Cymbals

Chart/Diagram for playing finger cymbals


using the

Egyptian Dance Code®


A shorthand code for original choreography by Sausan.  See individual choreographies  and music below.

Performance Music & Original Choreographies

Choose a music title below, then click on the document icon left of the title to display the original choreography notes to the music and composer.  The musical note icon provides the link to the music.


  • Titles in red contain complete choreography notes,  

  • Titles with an asterisk (*) show the choreography performed by Sausan on YouTube when clicking the musical note icon.  

It is permissible to use the copyrighted choreography without initial requests provided written and/or vocal credit is given to Sausan and the Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance (SAED). 


Be sure to download the SAED Choreography Code document -- a kind of shorthand -- linked above, to decipher the choreography notes relative to SAED dance vocabulary..  As developing and writing choreography notes continue to be a work in progress, choreography notes for some titles may not be available yet, so visit it again soon.  

Rafic Hobeika

Layali Zaman*
Ashraf Zakaria

Ahmed Fouad Hassan

More Coming...
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