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Classic Egyptian Style Belly Dance

A Study in the
Egyptian Dance Code®
with the Sausan Method

Sausan Butt Shot.jpg
Sausan, Master Dance Teacher

Photo: Carl Sermon

Sausan dancing with Nazir at Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant


The Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance (SAED) is a complete Egyptian dance academy.  Here, you will learn the following:

  •  The Egyptian Dance Code®

  •  Principles & Technique

  •  Theory & Philosophy

  •  Expression & Attitude

  •  Musical Entities, Interpretation, & Application

  •  Choreography v. Improvisation

  •  Performance & Critique

  •  Classic v. Modern

  •  History & Culture

  •  Celebration & Cuisine

  •  Kick Ass Drum Solos

  •  Finger Cymbals & Patterns

  •  American Cabaret Veilwork and Floorwork

  •  American Cabaret 5 and 7 Part Routine

  •  Recorded & Live music performance

  •  Egyptian Dance Greats Video Study

  • EgyptIan Musicians, Songwriters, and Singers Study

  •  Must-know Music for Performance

  •  Opportunities for Out-of-studio Paid Performances 


Your one-stop shopping for the full belly dance experience!  Call anytime for more information.

“Sausan can teach the devil to dance;
the devil is in the details.”

Max Hamoda

Classes & Courses

We offer several different types of dance study.  Some are specialty courses, others are academic courses.  We even have single walk-on classes on EDC® technique and must-know music, so that you can "try on" the class to see if it "fits."  

Continue with the single walk-ins  or sign up for the more comprehensive academic or specialty courses.  

Take a look below and choose one that you like.  You won't be disappointed.

•  Single Classes  •

Walk-in classes for the curious student.

• Monday dance walk-ins.  5:30pm & 7:30pm

•  Must-know music for dancing.  Wed. 7:30pm

$20/class or $199/12 class card

(Belly dance San Francisco)

PrimarySecondaryTerTiary Course FB.png

•  Academic Courses  •
Primary, Secondary, Ter
tiary, ABP

Intro to EDC®,  Upper body technique. 

Basic movement, travel steps, and video study.  

1st Qtr Tues.  - January - March; 5:30pm  - 7:00pm 

2nd Qtr Tues. - April - June; 7:30pm  - 9:00pm

3rd Qtr Wed. July - September; 5:30pm  - 7:00pm

4th Qtr Wed. - October - December; 7:30pm  - 9:00pm  

Primary Course is the first of a one-year all-inclusive dance program.  1.5 hrs; $199/12 classes

(Belly dance San Francisco)

•  Specialty Courses  •

Extended  performance study.

Choreography  • Finger Cymbals

Veilwork  •  Floorwork  •  Drum solo  •  MORE!

$129/6-week intensive courses

$219/12-week comprehensive courses

(Belly dance San Francisco)


About Sausan

Master Teacher of the Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance, San Francisco, CA since 2000

Choreographer/Artistic Director of the Sausan Ensemble Egyptian Dance Company since 2009

Owner/Executive Chef of Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant, San Francisco, CA since 1999

Owner/Baker of Bitchin’ Baklava Middle Eastern Desserts and Savory Pies since 2012

Over 49 years of national/international dance study, travel, performance (nightclubs, restaurants, telegrams, Egyptian-inspired dance operettas, festivals, museums, universities, colleges, lectures, corporate events, military bases, etc.), instruction -- media and in-person, researcher and writer,

and overall, all-inclusive decades of dance experience since 1974.

Sausan's CV


Many Sausans from young to older

Call Today for a Free Class Observation 


Contact Sausan

4031 Balboa Street, San Francisco, CA  94121


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